16. Collectors Firearms, Houston, TX ±10,000 guns, ±3,500 on display (±33%). Established in 1970?

Collectors Firearms Exterior
Collectors Firearms Case


Collectors Firearms is situated in an unassuming strip mall in west Houston. It is one of America’s preeminent gunstores for both new and used firearms, as well as for helmets, edged weapons, collectable ammunition and artwork of every kind and price point. It is also the home of owner Mike Clark’s wide-ranging collection, dating from 1500 onwards. Collector’s Firearms is a living, breathing ‘gunstore-collection-museum’ where you can touch, trade, buy and talk about anything to do with firearms. All that is missing are wall texts discussing what is on display, but no need: the staff prides itself in doing just that.

The store’s epicenter is an island of glass cases filled with modern handguns, which doubles as the Information Desk. From here, the staff assess your interests and guide you to every corner. Aficionados of the Black Rifle or collectable rimfire guns are directed to the back of the store, walking past glass sentry-like cabinets of fine engraved firearms. Elsewhere, there are three big cases filled with America’s most comprehensive selection of new and old ‘1911’ semiauto pistols. In the hunting section, Cowboy Action revolvers, selling for $600, are found next to original 1880’s oak display cabinets of old Colts, some selling for $25,000. There is also a collection of classic European semi-automatics and American Pocket pistols, behind which are military rifles. Thirty cases, running the entire length of the store, display a chronological history of flintlock to cartridge handguns, including modern storied commemoratives. In the excellent book department, you might stumble across a tripod-mounted Browning M1895 ‘Potato Digger’ machine gun.

Specialist collectors are ushered through a doorway into a warren of rooms holding thousands of firearms and related objects. Brits might be escorted to a rack of a dozen experimental ‘Trials’ rifles, tested by the British Army in 1870. Those smitten by miniature firearms will gravitate to a glass-topped table case. At Collectors, rare and common and old and new lie side-by-side. There is something here for everyone.

The emporium has a fine online presence, describing and photographing its extensive inventory of $250 or $250,000 firearms. Enjoy!